Senior Software Engineer (Java)

Egnyte Poland - há 30+ dias
Egnyte Poland
Google Cloud (nice to have) PostreSQL (advanced) Tomcat (advanced) JUnit (advanced) Maven (advanced) Spring (master) Java (master) We are on the lookout for experienced Java developers who want to grow their careers at Egnyte.The opportunity:Egnyte is a provider of enterprise content governance and collaboration software. Our platform empowers companies to work more efficiently and protect their business content. In order to achieve that, Egnyte’s employees work on two solutions, and we’re recruiting engineers to both of these teams:Egnyte Connect, which provides our clients with a single access point to their content and allows them to collaborate on their files seamlessly. It is an excellent option to practice your programming and analytical skills on truly large-scale software:- 1 million users,- 20k transactions per second,- 28 Petabytes of data. Egnyte Protect, designed to keep our client’s business content secure and compliant, is the younger part of the Egnyte platform. Using machine learning, our software can identify sensitive data in the files stored by our clients. Joining the Protect team is a chance to innovate with:- machine learning,- automated sensitive data identification.    Both parts of the Egnyte platform pose unique engineering challenges. Whether you’re more excited about algorithmic deep-dives and large-scale refactoring, or data security and ML technologies, you will find yourself a suitable position at Egnyte. During the recruitment process, we will discuss your experience and professional interests in order to match you with the team where you will thrive.Sounds interesting? Let’s talk if you have:Experience owning all aspects of software engineering, from gathering requirements through architecture design, implementation, QA to maintenance and monitoring, preferably in large-scale server or cloud applications.Experience with multi-services architecture and their challenges (asynchronicity, latency, fault-tolerance, eventual consistency, resiliency, etc.)Deep experience developing applications using Java, Spring, JUnit, and Tomcat.Experience debugging multithreaded applications and conducting performance analysis - at Egnyte you’ll perform root-cause analyses of complex problems that may involve third-party tools, infrastructure configuration, and software related to scaling and performance.Knowledge of relational databases and SQL, preferably MySQL or PostgreSQL including performance optimization.Experience with messaging brokers (RabbitMQ), indexing engines (Elasticsearch), key-value stores (Redis).Experience with TDD and Agile methodology.Knowledge of software development best practices and willingness to guide less senior peers in that area.Openness, adaptability, and flexibility in responding to change, at Egnyte you’ll collaborate with other developers, product owners, and system QA to release new iterations following the SaaS delivery model.You are more than welcome to share with us everything you are proud of: links, portfolio, GitHub repositories etc.
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